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October 4, 2017 No Comments

Are you among those who are always fascinated by the drones. You will be surprised to know how much mis information is spread among the masses about the drones. Drones are around for quite sometimes. Am not talking about the dangerous drones America uses. Am talking about the quadcopters that are meant for the fun of the public. From under the budget of 50 dollar to above 1000 dollars there are load of drones already available for the public. Some are meant for pictures and videos while some are build specially to run like beasts.

I probably had the same information as you had for drones but it changed after I read the guide to buy drone at Tell Me Best . I have been looking for easy to understand guide luckily I stumbled upon the above website after giving an extensive search on google. I was surprised to know how less time time drones are able to fly. Infact, this is the time which comes under the decisive factor when you are selecting which drone to buy. Another interesting and worth mentioning thing is that even the high end expensive drones donot offer great flight times. The flight time is under 20 minutes which is very low if you consider the fun which is build in our mind.

One more factor which baffled me about drones is the range of flight. The distance between the transmitter or the remote from the drone. Some drones can take a flight as far as 1 kilometer while the other can stay with in a short distance of just 300 meters. Yes it can suffice most time but isn’t it confusing that you send you drone at distance of 1000 meter and you are about to run out of battery? That is troublesome and in the worst case you wont be able to bring back the drone. So it is a very tough and a tricky decision when you are planning to buy the drone.


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