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An Easy Guide to Connecting Elmo Document Camera to a Projector

May 17, 2018 No Comments

Nowadays, delivering presentations, and giving lectures have become quite easy with the use of Elmo document camera with the projector. Presentations have become more interactive and fun. An Elmo document camera connected to the projector has enabled the high quality display of all kinds of objects for business and classrooms. An Elmo document camera is a must-have for all the classrooms and business settings. It is quite a tricky task to connect an Elmo document camera to a projector. Here is an easy guide that has simple steps to connect Elmo document camera to a projector:

  1. First, put your Elmo on top of the table and connect the power cable at the back of the Elmo document camera.
  2. Next, put the cable in the RGB port at the back of the Elmo document camera. Plug in the other end of the cord, which is at the back of the projector, on the PC 1. Tighten the screws of the cord to avoid its disconnection later.
  3. Turn the projector on and keep it on the standby mode. The power light will turn solid green, when it is ready to use.
  4. Now, turn on the power button of Elmo document camera. Press and hold it until the light turns green and glows. You will see a light right next to the power light. This is the light of the camera. Turn this light on. If you are unable to see the light glowing, press and hold the camera button.
  5. If, you are unable to see your own image and there is blue screen right in front of you, hold the source button or press the Computer 1 button on the projector. Keep computer 1 as the Source of your Elmo document camera.
  6. To use the source button, you can make use of the arrows on the projector to scroll up and down to look at the source list, appearing on the screen. To select the correct source, click on the Enter key.
  7. Switch on the projector. Troubleshooting the projector is one difficult task. You will either see a pinkish or purplish image. A RGB can be an issue here. Recheck the cord and wiggle it slightly. Unplug the cord and examine if pins of the cord are missing or not. Missing pins tend to create problems.
  8. Connect the second RGB at the back of the Elmo document Camera. Its other end should connect to the pigtail. The pigtail will connect to the side of the laptop or computer.
  9. Turn on the projector and turn on the Elmo with the power button. Turn on the PC button on the Elmo camera. A green light will glow.
  10. If you see a blue screen, check the source again.
  11. Alternately, press and hold the camera button on the Elmo document camera or the PC button to use laptop and Elmo document camera.


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